| Green Hat Story


Anchored to Edward de Bono's
"Six Thinking Hats" 
group thinking theory which highlighted the nature of parallel thinking
across all team members in a more detailed & cohesive way, 
we decided to be the Green Hat in your team.

Green: Creativity & New Ideas 

By proposing a new approach or improving the currently deployed approach.
The green Hat team member is driven by a hell of technical expertise,
gained over substantial cumulative experience in-market execution,

across diversified multinational & multicultural environments.

| Our Vision

We are striving to be “ The real trusted partner” 
for our current & future potential clients in Egypt & Middle East Region
through introducing fully integrated creative solutions
the package that meets, and even exceeds their expectations.

| Our Mission

To enhance hitting our 
Clients’ business objectives
 by applying top
Notch technical expertise 
and most
Recent advertising & promotional techniques 
to date with superior customer service and unmatched loyalty.